"If you can't, K-Kan"

What is K-Kan?

K-Kan, Incorporated is a new approach to the problem ALL
of us have faced at one time or another

.... "how am I going to get this done"!? 

As a professional service company K-Kan helps by providing: 

* Organization: Home, office and records 
* Design & Install closets, garages storage areas 
* Relocation and Personal assistance
* Project Management
*Business Development/Trade Show Representation
* Administrative & Bookkeeping staffing
* Royalty Management of mineral rights

We believe as Nelson Mandela said that
 "What counts in life is not merely the fact that we have lived. 
It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that
will determine the significance of the life we lead."


K-Kan, Inc works with
independent entrepreneurs;
busy professionals;
small to midsized companies;
 individuals and heirs. 

Whether it's building client relations, establishing a project plan,
 participating in product/service presentations or
providing organizational, administrative or personal assistant 

K-Kan, Inc. is here for YOU!

See Services for more detail.

Contact us:   kay@kay-kan.com 


Project Management Institute Professional
National Association of Professional Organizers
Certified Microsoft Technology Specialist (Volume Licensing)
Working in Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Nebraska, Florida, Tennessee and England!
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